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"In order for the Afro-Americans to control their destiny, they must be able to control and affect the decisions which control their destiny: economic, political, and social." –– Malcolm X ✊🏾

We live in a time of confusion and mass deception. Stick to your dhikr, limit who you keep company with including virtual company, and strive to remain silent as much as possible.

NEW β€”Β Fans weren't able to observe Alex Gordon's last day in a Royals uniform, so I decided to track the finale from start to finish.

For @TheAthleticKC:

Deleted Trump tweet; what I am trying to convey: All of this passion over Trump's Taxes, we need 2 fix problems that exist w/IRS & Congress. Trump knowingly abused a situation that was ripe for abuse. IRS is full of loopholes, he got greedy w/a loose system. Be mad at both.

This dude has some hurt coming his way next week for this gator roll. We see it on film.

Anyone see this today and say β€œeh, thats what Bronco crowds normally look like.” 🀣🀣

Maybe this year Russell Wilson actually will get an MVP vote....

@FauxAndyReid Andy stop wearing the face shield and just wear a mask the mask is so much easier , you look ridiculous !!

@FauxAndyReid Andy please wear a mask , the face shield is just in the way . The mask is better and you can hear everything you say the mask doesn’t effect the voice much . The face shield will not be good in rain or snow so just make the transition now .

The Lions' 11-game losing streak is over. They beat Arizona 26-23 on Matt Prater's game-winning FG.

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