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I wrote about Patrick Mahomes' one-of-a-kind career, and how his one-of-a-kind contract makes sense in a lot of ways for both sides, including providing the Chiefs with flexibility in the short term.

Now updated with the most recent numbers available.

All I know is if Pat make a bad throw of any kind to me Its going to be my fault and I should’ve made the pass catchable 😂😂😂

No QB out of the Big 12...

No QB from a spread offense...

No QB with such unusual footwork...

No QB who throws at bizarre angles with weird mechanics...

No QB who takes so many chances...

Sure, bet against Mahomes. That'll probably work out.

Dave “Softy” Mahler@Softykjr

No QB making more than 11.8% of cap has won Super Bowl since Steve Young in 1994

"There are some interesting aspects to this deal."

@TomPelissero and @MikeSilver break down the @PatrickMahomes' 10-year extension 👇

📺: @NFLTotalAccess

Rolling guarantees are common in NFL contracts, but never over the entire life of a 10-year extension (12-year deal). Patrick Mahomes gets over $63 million fully guaranteed at signing and $103M by next March. Most of the salaries and bonuses vest a year or two before they’re due.

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After reading Mahomes’s contract; here are a few key points;

He earns $39,550mm/yr for 5 new years (The first 7 years of the contract, he had 2 years remaining on his rookie deal).

His guarantee is $63mm at signing and his total guarantee increases to $141mm by March of ‘22

The year is 2031.

Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid are unamused after winning their 13th Super Bowl.

Who want this work in 2k or Madden I’m feeling dangerous....
#StreamingEverything #Twitch

With a contract that breaks records and is over 500 million, I haven’t seen a single player tweet Patrick Mahomes hasn’t earned it or isn’t completely worth every penny. And many of the comments have been coming from defensive players who have played against him. #respect

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